The most ‘soft’ cyber attacks can range from jamming of television and radio transmissions, broadcasting of propaganda to taking down stock markets and banking systems with the result of spreading terror to the population.

This website however will deal with wide-scale computer attacks that can potentially result in serious destruction of property and human casualties, threatening the national security of a state, by targeting its ‘critical infrastructure’.

The examples of potential information warfare attacks will be classified here under the following major divisions.

The above examples may seem far-fetched and as being the scenario of a futuristic science-fiction film, but the possibility of similar instances happening is undisputed.


Hacking Supplies

Targeting of vital infrastructure such as water supply, water dams, food distribution systems and medicine.


Hacking Energy Grids

Electrical power grid, power plants, fuel and even nuclear power plant safety systems.


Hacking Communications

Targeting of communication infrastructures, e.g. blocking of national land-lines telephone network,  disabling time signals from the Global Positioning System (GPS), shutting down or intercepting the network signal of mobile phones, or even shutting down the entire internet bandwidth of the whole country, depriving thus the population from internet access.

  • Army Telecoms
  • GPS
  • Radio
  • VHS


Hacking Transactions

  • Banks – Credit Cards
  • Stock Exchange Market
  • Complete Country Bankrupcy


Hacking Human Medical Devices

  • Wireless Implantable Medical Devices
  • Human pacemakers
  • Prosthetic Bionic Limbs
  • Insulin Pumps
  • Augmented Reality Contact Lenses